Dinosaurs by Peter Schouten

These illustrations are super detailed and the colours are very vibrant and all contrast against each other in a an extremely effective way. The intense details paired with the light incorporated in the illustrations really helps to highlight the texture of the dinosaurs.


After deciding on the question that I wanted to focus on for my project I decided that I wanted to explore shape, colour and form from nature. I completed some of these flowers from direct observation but also used the book “wild flowers of Britain and Northern Europe” by Richard Fitter to get some different shapes and colours.

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Trip to Oxford to the Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum. Drawing from observation the various exhibits including ceramics, animals, skeletons and other objects from the cases around the museum.

This was my first time visiting the Oxford Natural History Museum and I really enjoyed the visit and found it extremely helpful towards the progress in my project. I gained the idea to focus my project on dinosaurs and the global ecological issue of extinction.


Collection of Skeletons
Pitts River Museum, Oxford

[ABOVE] Some of my photographs that I captured while I was exploring the museums.

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